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World of Warcraft Offers Free Realm Transfers


Until October 31st, players on realms that are seeing high queue times since the launch of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria may be eligible for a free server transfer to a less populated world. There are of course some specific realms named, and they also have specific destination realm in-which they may move. Frostmourne […]

World of Warcraft’s New Recruit-A-Friend Mount


This week Blizzard unveiled the new recruit-a-friend reward mount for World of Warcraft, the Obsidian Nightwing. One little side note: You don’t summon and mount this mount. Instead you TURN INTO a winged panther which your friend can then hitch a ride on. The X-53 Touring Rocket which was the previous recruit-a-friend reward mount has […]

WoW Readies for Mists of Pandaria Beta


Blizzard is getting ready to begin beta testing on the newest expansion for its hugely popular World of Warcraft MMO, and the Mists of Pandaria testing is set to begin soon.  The official site has put up a beta FAQ page, answering some basic questions players may have. For those who are now Annual Pass […]

WoW Introduces Upgraded Scroll of Resurrection

wow scroll

Once upon a time, you could send your friends that had been away from World of Warcraft for a while a scroll asking them to return, and offering them some free playtime, while receiving free time for yourself if they re-subbed.  Blizzard has now stepped up and added many more benefits for you and your […]

Warcraft’s 1% Richest Control Top 24%


Warcraft’s 1% Richest Control Top 24% The wealth distribution is a huge topic in the real world. Both countries that I’ve lived in, the US and China, are teeming with its fair share of problems. Luckily one demographer/World of Warcraft enthusiast conducted a survey about the income inequality within Azeroth. The results of his survey of nearly […]