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MMO Gamer Goes Hands-on with World of Tanks


How do you take one of the most popular free-to-play games out there and make it better? Just ask World of Tanks. Earlier this year the massively popular MMORTS completely revamped its game with new graphics, new physics, and more tanks! They somehow completely revamped an entire game, creating a newer, more realistic version, with […]

Graphical Updates Coming to SWTOR with Update 1.5


Star Wars: The Old Republic is going “free-to-play” soon, but that doesn’t mean the team isn’t still hard at work improving the game. Senior Tech Artist Ben Cloward recently posted some preview pics of the new shader program that is going to add translucency of light to the foliage of the SWTOR Universe. Those players […]

The Secret World Issue #2 Going Live Today


Today marks the launch of The Secret World‘s second update, and this one is titled ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’. This update comes packed with lots of new features, including a few much requested modern MMO staples such as the barbershop and ‘plastic surgery’ to alter your character’s appearance, and a group finder tool. And of […]

TERA Battlegrounds Preview


On August 22nd TERA is getting its largest update so far, and with it comes an exciting new feature in the form of battlegrounds. TERA producer Chris Hager gives us an overview of what is in store for these battlegrounds in this video and shows off some of the new PvP from ‘The Argon Queen’ update.

Rift Update 1.8 Bringing New Raid and Craft Skills

rift 1.8

The Infernal Dawn is coming to Telara, and with it comes new adventures for players in Rift.  Update 1.8 will bring with it a brand new 20-man raid, and the introduction of the fishing and survival crafting skills, and the guild finder system. Grab your fishing pole, lures, and other wilderness gear, then set out […]