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Defiance Asks: What is a shooter MMO?


The Trion Worlds/SyFy collaboration game, Defiance, will be a shooter-MMO with ties to the television show by the same name. The show will effect the game, and the game will effect the show. But what exactly is a shooter-MMO? The Defiance devs put together a trailer to answer that question, and probably to show off […]

A Rift Homecoming


Last week came the announcement that Rift will be getting an expansion later this year, and Storm Legion appears to be bringing a lot of new and exciting things to Trion’s flagship MMO. If you haven’t seen what’s in store yet, you can check out our article showcasing what we know so far, and if you’re […]

Level Up Your Rift Character With An App [FREE]


App delevopers Fluik has launched an iPhone app to help players of Rift level up their characters’ soul via the app. The app also lets you compare builds. The app, named Rift Soul Calculator, works on iPhone, iPad and iPod and can be downloaded from iTunes here and is free to download. Are you as […]