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The Secret World Issue #4 Preview Trailer


The Secret World‘s next update is just around the corner, and Issue #4 will be the largest influx of content yet. Titled ‘Big Trouble in the Big Apple’, Issue #4 is bringing the first raid to The Secret World as players take on dark beings in New York City, leading up to a huge showdown […]

NCSoft Announces Blade & Soul Coming to the West


NCSoft has announced that the popular Asian fantasy martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul is making its way to the West as the team aggressively tailors the game for Western players. Blade & Soul brings MMO and RPG gaming communities an online world rich in Asian martial arts, a theme that has traditionally been limited to […]

Rift: Storm Legion – Features of the Storm Trailer and Release Date

Rift Storm Legion Logo

Trion Worlds have released a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming expansion Rift: Storm Legion, and it showcases many of the new features coming to Rift this fall including mounts, raids, dimensions, and more. You can check out the video below, and head over to to pre-order your copy. [UPDATE:] We put the trailer […]

Trion/SyFy Defiance Commercial

April 2013 will bring us a potentially groundbreaking experience in gaming as Trion Worlds, developers of Rift and End of Nations, teams with the SyFy Network to bring fans an interactive show and game which are each affected by the other. Defiance will cross boundaries and bring players a new way to influence their gaming […]

TERA Battlegrounds Preview


On August 22nd TERA is getting its largest update so far, and with it comes an exciting new feature in the form of battlegrounds. TERA producer Chris Hager gives us an overview of what is in store for these battlegrounds in this video and shows off some of the new PvP from ‘The Argon Queen’ update.