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Flash!: Improving The Secret World’s GUI


“You look taller on security camera footage. But that’s not really an issue as long as you can hold a martini, smile, and think of England at the same time” The perfect game would have no user interface at all.  You’d be able to tell everything you needed to know about the situation you’re in […]

30 Days In The Secret World: Oh No, Here it Comes


I don’t like being the guy who sits around waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. But from the moment that The Secret World was introduced into my conciousness, I’ve been worried. There are, of course, fans of Funcom who love the games they make, and there is nothing wrong with that. […]

Group Hugs for Cthulhu: Dungeoneering in The Secret World

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“Paint your glass houses shut!  This is a warning from the Sun!  It says it’s old, and tired, and scared of death!” This is the third part of multi-part series covering the launch of The Secret World from a veteran MMO player’s perspective. You may also like to read: Tentacles at Ground Zero: A Blind […]

30 Days In The Secret World: Dungeon Diving in the Polaris


No matter how much fun your questing content is, there are those who play MMO’s that will judge your game solely on the quality of other features, and for many MMO gamers, a group dungeon is going to make or break a game for them. This week, my main goal in The Secret World was […]

Funcom Plans Monthly Updates for The Secret World


We seem to be catching The Secret World fever here at MMO Gamer, and the good news just keeps on coming. Ragnar Tørnquist took to the forums today for his first State of the Game address, and let us all know that there are definitely plans for the future of The Secret World, and they […]