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The Secret World Drops Subscription Starting Today!


With yesterday’s video from Game Director Joel Bylos, it seemed pretty obvious that The Secret World was prepping to go free-to-play.  What wasn’t so obvious was that it was going to happen this quickly.  Starting today there is no longer a subscription fee required to play.   The model Funcom has chosen for its MMO […]

The Secret World Going F2P During the Apocalypse?


The Secret World released a video today showing Game Director Joel Bylos contemplating the end of the world, and its implications.  If you don’t know, December 21st marks what many feel is the Mayan calendar’s prediction of the end of the world. So what does his apocalyptic bucket list consist of?  Making sure as many people as […]

The Secret World Issue #4 Preview Trailer


The Secret World‘s next update is just around the corner, and Issue #4 will be the largest influx of content yet. Titled ‘Big Trouble in the Big Apple’, Issue #4 is bringing the first raid to The Secret World as players take on dark beings in New York City, leading up to a huge showdown […]

The Secret World Issue #2 Going Live Today


Today marks the launch of The Secret World‘s second update, and this one is titled ‘Issue #2: Digging Deeper’. This update comes packed with lots of new features, including a few much requested modern MMO staples such as the barbershop and ‘plastic surgery’ to alter your character’s appearance, and a group finder tool. And of […]

The Secret World “Issue #1″ Update Today, and Free Access For Your Friends This Weekend

TSW Issue1

Servers are coming down Tuesday morning, July 31st in preparation for the launch of The Secret World’s first montly content update, Issue #1 “Unleashed”. This update is bringing a sizable chunk of new content to the game including lots of new missions, new Nightmare Mode dungeons, and more. Funcom has also announced that in celebration […]