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TERA’s Argon Queen Update Patch Notes


The patch notes are up for TERA‘s upcoming Argon Queen update, the biggest content update for the game so far. Battlegrounds, raids, quests, items, class skills, and more await. Check out the patch notes below. Patch 18.10.03 Cool New Stuff Battlegrounds are now available! Access Battleground Matching from anywhere in the game world by clicking […]

TERA Battlegrounds Preview


On August 22nd TERA is getting its largest update so far, and with it comes an exciting new feature in the form of battlegrounds. TERA producer Chris Hager gives us an overview of what is in store for these battlegrounds in this video and shows off some of the new PvP from ‘The Argon Queen’ update.

TERA’s Beach Bash Contest


TERA is celebrating summertime with some fun in the sun and a beach party contest! Players can hit up Mistmoor Island and rock out their swimwear from the Suit Up for Summer event and shoot some screenshots for a chance to win one of three Whimisical Weapon Skins. The event begins Saturday, August 11th at […]

TERA’s Huge August Content Update Preview


The Argon Queen is coming to TERA in August, and it’s the game’s biggest update so far. This week will begin a series of scheduled sneak peeks into the upcoming content, and it all kicks off tomorrow. Check out the trailer below and then the schedule for the reveals.   July 31st- We get our […]

TERA Introduces Chronoscrolls

Tera Chronoscroll

TERA has rolled out its new Chronoscroll system, giving players the ability to pay for game time with in-game gold. Much like the systems in a few other MMO’s, Chronoscrolls are available for purchase with real-world money through the online TERA store. Once you purchase a Chronoscroll, you can then put it up on the […]