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League of Legends Preseason Patch Notes and Patch Overview Video


The Season 3 Preseason Patch for League of Legends is going live today.  With lots of changes, tweaks, and new items coming to the game this is a very extensive patch, and there are loads of patch notes, which you can check out below.  (Note: It doesn’t look like Nami is coming in this patch.) […]

Rift: Storm Legion Launch Day Notes and Trailer

Rift Storm Legion Logo

It is finally here! Rift: Storm Legion is one of the most expansive expansions released by any MMO, and the sheer size and scope of what’s coming is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the dev team at Trion Worlds. Storm Legion is bringing two new continents two Telara, tripling the […]

Rift Pre-Expansion Patch Hits Servers, Brings Class Changes and More!

Rift Storm Legion Logo

Rift: Storm Legion is just around the corner, and today saw the pre-expansion changes come to Telara in patch 1.11. Sweeping changes to the existing soul trees and updates to class mechanics await your exploration, and the ‘Tempest Rising’ World Event threatens Telara’s very existence. The soul tree and class changes are pretty extensive, so […]

TERA’s Argon Queen Update Patch Notes


The patch notes are up for TERA‘s upcoming Argon Queen update, the biggest content update for the game so far. Battlegrounds, raids, quests, items, class skills, and more await. Check out the patch notes below. Patch 18.10.03 Cool New Stuff Battlegrounds are now available! Access Battleground Matching from anywhere in the game world by clicking […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.3 Now Live


Star Wars: The Old Republic launches its third update today, and 1.3: Allies brings players together more than ever. The new Group Finder tool helps players quickly form groups to take on the many Flashpoints and Operations SWTOR has to offer. Choose your role and get matched with other players looking to tear through the […]