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Rift: Storm Legion Open Beta Event This Weekend

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You’ve heard about Dimensions, you’ve seen the new soul reveals, now’s your chance to get hands on with RIFT: Storm Legion in an open beta weekend that begins Friday November 2nd, and runs all the way through Wednesday November 7th. “The first two closed beta stress tests were big successes, and we appreciate all the […]

Aika Online Enters Open Beta on March 16th

Free to Play MMORPG Aika Online will be entering Open Beta next week, according to publishers Gala-Net. We have previously held closed beta key giveaways here at The MMO Gamer, but starting March 16th, anybody can play the game. New and returning Aika fans will be able to access a regular lineup of the exciting […]

Allods Online Enters Open Beta

Gala-Net announced yesterday that their upcoming free-to-play MMORPG Allods Online has entered open beta, inviting people to go and try the game. Allods Online is a revolutionary sci-fi fantasy MMORPG developed by Astrum Nival, creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V, with a budget of $12 million and four years in development.  Astrum Nival […]’s Champions Online Beta Review

In case you haven’t had a chance to get into the Champions Online open beta, you can read’s beta review about their experiences with the game. I’ve been indulging in exploring the fantastic game world of Champions Online for a bit long time. Today, I can finally spend some time to write something about […]

Champions Online Enters Open Beta

Superhero MMOG Champions Online from developers Cryptic Studios enters open beta running from August 17th to August 26th. “The launch of the open beta is an exciting milestone in the development of Champions Online,” said Bill Roper, executive producer on Champions Online. “We look forward to welcoming players, both new and old for what will […]