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League of Legends Preseason Patch Notes and Patch Overview Video


The Season 3 Preseason Patch for League of Legends is going live today.  With lots of changes, tweaks, and new items coming to the game this is a very extensive patch, and there are loads of patch notes, which you can check out below.  (Note: It doesn’t look like Nami is coming in this patch.) […]

League of Legends Summoner Name Sale and Cleanup in December


Riot recently announced that when the League of Legends Patch 1.73 drops sometime in mid-December (the 11th at the earliest), they’ll also be clearing out summoner names on low-level accounts that have not been played since January 1st, 2012. Any account below level 6 that hasn’t been played this year will have the summoner name […]

League of Legends Shadow Isles Patch

LoL Shadow_Isles_Forum

  Early this morning the League of Legends servers came down for the late October patch which is the Shadow Isles patch. With this latest update comes several champion tweaks and balance changes, and a newly revamped 3v3 Twisted Treeline map that has been redesigned to be more balanced and competitive. There are also some […]

All Heroes Will Be Free In Heroes of Newerth

Heroes of Newerth Logo

S2 Games have announced that starting tomorrow, July 20th, all heroes in their popular MOBA Heroes of Newerth will be free to access for all players, allowing players to use any of the 107 currently released heroes, and access any game mode. “We are very excited to announce All Heroes Free, which gives every player […]

League of Legends: Eve and Twitch Remakes


The long discussed stealth remake is nearly complete, and soon two champions who have been nearly non-playable will be looking to establish their dominance in League of Legends. Eve and Twitch have been a concern for both players and developers due to their stealth mechanics which either leaves them overly-powerful or the choice of trolls […]