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MMO Gamer Goes Hands-on with World of Tanks


How do you take one of the most popular free-to-play games out there and make it better? Just ask World of Tanks. Earlier this year the massively popular MMORTS completely revamped its game with new graphics, new physics, and more tanks! They somehow completely revamped an entire game, creating a newer, more realistic version, with […]

Celetania: Now Available!

I did an interview two weeks ago with Andreas Katzig a developer for Celetania, and was truly excited for this game to come out. Good news the wait is over. Everyone can now download the game and play for free for 14 Day. But check out the press release for yourself. Celetania: The Run For […]

Interview with Developers of Space MMORTS Celetania

Jeffery took the opportunity to speak with the developers of Celetania, a space-based MMORTS which features a persistent universe, something rare in the MMORTS genre. Hit jump to read the interview and view early beta screenshots of the game.

Review: SAGA

The latest edition to The MMO Gamer’s writing staff, Nate James, brings us a review of the recently launched MMORTS SAGA. Hit the jump to find his final verdict on this free-to-play title.

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