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More SWTOR F2P Changes Made


Star Wars: The Old Republic brought more changes to its free-to-play model yesterday thanks to player feedback, and there are still more tweaks slated for the future. With yesterday’s patch, Preferred Status players will now be given 4 Quickbars by default, up from the 2 previously allowed those who are former subscribers, or have spent […]

Darkfall Unholy Wars Release Pushed Back


The November 20th release date for Darkfall Unholy Wars has been pushed back to December 12th. A combination of external factors, last minute issues, and testing feedback have come together to force this change in schedule. Plans are still in place to take the current Darkfall game offline on November 15th. From the Darkfall Blog: […]

The Secret World Issue #4 Preview Trailer


The Secret World‘s next update is just around the corner, and Issue #4 will be the largest influx of content yet. Titled ‘Big Trouble in the Big Apple’, Issue #4 is bringing the first raid to The Secret World as players take on dark beings in New York City, leading up to a huge showdown […]

Rift: Storm Legion Launch Day Notes and Trailer

Rift Storm Legion Logo

It is finally here! Rift: Storm Legion is one of the most expansive expansions released by any MMO, and the sheer size and scope of what’s coming is a true testament to the hard work and dedication of the dev team at Trion Worlds. Storm Legion is bringing two new continents two Telara, tripling the […]

Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Event Begins Nov. 16th

GW2 Logo

Arenanet is bringing a one-time weekend event to Tyria, and all the fun begins Friday Nov. 16th! The Lost Shores event will allow players to delve into a mysterious adventure that will culminate in a thrilling conclusion on Sunday Nov. 18th. Guild Wars 2 players will battle a new species, gather unique crafting materials and […]