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What Would You Ask Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer?

The Working As Intended podcast will be recording a few days earlier than usual (read today!) and with us will be Star Trek Online’s Executive Procuder Craig Zinkievich from Cryptic Studios. We will be recording later and we are giving you the chance to ask your questions! Write your question in a comment to this […]

Alganon Interview with David Allen

Jeffrey Philipp had the opportunity to talk to David Allen and Hue Henrey to talk about Quest Online’s upcoming MMOG, Alganon. The in depth and candid interview can be found after the jump.

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Heroes of Telara Interview With Trion’s Russ Brown

Trion World Network, a wellfunded startup company, is working on its first title called Heroes of Telara. Steven Crews had the opportunity to talk to Russ Brown, the VP in charge of the game’s development.

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Interview with Dragonica Europe’s Max Stolberg

In our most recent interview Jeffery talked to Max Stolberg, Dragonica’s European producer. Hit the jump to learn more about this sidescrolling MMORPG.

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Interview: Fallen Earth Writer / Designer Wes Platt Talks Factions, Advancement, and Pacifism

Staff Writer Nate James got the opportunity to interview Fallen Earth’s writer and designer Wes Platt with plenty of juicy details! Hit jump to read the interview and keep an eye out for more Fallen Earth to come!

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