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Star Trek Online F2P Today w/ First Look Video

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For many, today will mark the date of First Contact as Star Trek Online goes free-to-play, bringing the Star Trek Universe to the masses in an MMO from Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment.  The game features several updates and changes from its original launch version, and The MMO Gamer has got your first look […]

Iris Online and Soul Cry Previewed

The people over at has taken a look at two new Free 2 Play titles this week; Iris Online and Soul Cry. Iris Online is being published by OD Games and Soul Cry is brought to North America by Gala-Net. According to Mr. Park, a representative from OD Games, the “one-to-many” action style striving […]

Runes of Magic Chapter II Exclusive Screenshots

Over at, our partners have some exclusive Runes of Magic screenshots showing off the game’s upcoming Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy. The update will feature two new classes, Wardens and Druids as well as a raised level cap. the update with also bring in some new areas and instances. To view the screenshots, head […]

Dragon Oath Pre Closed Beta Key Giveaway! [Closed]

Together with, The MMO Gamer is proud to present out Dragon Oath pre closed beta key giveaway! All you have to do to receive a pre closed beta key is to post a comment to this article using a valid email address and your key will be sent to you along with instructions on […]

A Guide to Combat in Free Realms

Pamela over at has published an interesting piece on how combat works in SOE’s kid-oriented free-2-play title Free Realms. I believe what’s fun for kids can be fun for adults. It’s true of Free Realms as a whole, but when broken down there are aspects of the game that some may find underwhelming. One […]