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Rift Storm Legion First Look Video

Rift Storm Legion Logo

Rift recently launched its first expansion, and Storm Legion has introduced tons of new content and changes to the game.  If you’re new to Rift, or thinking about returning to the game, this first look video should help you out with an overview of some of the features in Storm Legion.   You can try […]

[Video] Aion: Ascension F2P First Look

Aion Ascension

NCSoft recently made its MMO Aion free-to-play, and now we’ve got our first look at the game as we discuss some of the basic features for players who may be looking at Aion for the first time. You can check out more First Look Videos at

Gazillion Entertainment Releases Marvel Heroes First Look Trailer

marvel heroes

Marvel Heroes is an upcoming MMO action-rpg game from Gazillion Entertainment and brings Diablo style gameplay to the Marvel Universe.  Gazillion have released a short first look trailer that you can watch below, followed by a list of some of the touted game features. GAME FEATURES Marvel Heroes combines core gameplay elements of Diablo with the expansive library […]

The Secret World: Beta Impressions


Sometimes you just can’t think of a catchy title for an article, but I suppose that this article’s title sums up pretty well what the paragraphs below contain; my initial impressions of The Secret World, which I played during this past weekend’s beta event. TSW has been on my radar for quite some time now, […]

The Secret World Beta: Character Creation


We have finally had a chance to get our hands on Funcom’s The Secret World during this weekend’s beta event, and here’s our first video which takes a look at character creation as it was during the beta event.  Keep in mind that this is beta, and things could change drastically between now and launch.