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MechWarrior Online Showcases Atlas Founder’s Mech

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100 tons of bad attitude and badassery, that is the Atlas ‘Mech. MechWarrior Online has a new video up showcasing this ‘Mech which is available as a reward for purchasing a Founder’s pack at MWOmercs.com. Check it out:   From the official site: If there was ever a ’Mech that inspired terror in those that […]

Lord of the Rings Online Talks History of Rohan Steeds


When you’re developing an expansion for Lord of the Rings Online, and you call it Riders of Rohan, you know that horses are going to be a big part of the game. Turbine has released another video featuring the Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan devs talking about the steeds as well as […]

All Heroes Will Be Free In Heroes of Newerth

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S2 Games have announced that starting tomorrow, July 20th, all heroes in their popular MOBA Heroes of Newerth will be free to access for all players, allowing players to use any of the 107 currently released heroes, and access any game mode. “We are very excited to announce All Heroes Free, which gives every player […]

Firefall turns the Medic into the Biotech


The Firefall beta process is still going strong, and the developers are working hard to optimize the game and make it as fun as possible. One change the devs are looking to implement is replacing the Medic battle frame with the Biotech. The new frame will serve as more of a combat support unit, rather […]

Marvel Heroes Developer Diary #1

marvel heroes

Gazillion Entertainment is working on a brand new free-to-play Marvel MMO which blends the MMORPG genre with the action-rpg genre to create a unique game of superheroes. Marvel Heroes brings all the characters you love from the Marvel Universe to life and gives you the ability to play as your favorites. Gazillion President and COO […]