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Kickstarter: When do we say no?


I opened my inbox yesterday to find a news tip about Pathfinder Online starting a Kickstarter campaign. There have been bits and pieces of information floating around about this game and where the developers hope to take it. A fantasy sandbox MMO is exactly what lots of players are looking for, so this seemed like […]

Editorial: By any other name

So hello again mighty spacemen of the future. I’ve been spending some time out in the wild internet savanna recently, and the sheer variety that I’ve come across has prompted me to ask myself a question. Basically I’m just wondering what exactly it is that makes one game a Massively Multiplayer game while others are […]

Almost Heroes: Middle Aged MMO Gaming

This past Saturday was my birthday.  My 30th birthday, to be exact.  Man, am I getting old or what? I had read some blurbs about SOE’s 10th Anniversary EverQuest Hardcover, and thought it sounded great, and with EverQuest being the first MMO I started with back in ’99, I thought it would be a great […]

Editorial: We’ve Got Personality

Welcome back to the mess that is my inane musings, I find myself recently spending a great deal of time with Champions Online, and having fun with it if that can be believed. Though there are a number of things that I can say about it, there is one particular thought that came to mind […]

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Editorial: Console Conundrum

Greetings again everyone, For a long time the whole Massively Multiplayer thing has been considered a rather explicity PC only thing. That’s not to say that MMO’s on the console have never been tried, what with Everquest Online Adventures and Final Fantasy XI for the PS2, but neither one of those really seemed to take […]