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Defiance Dev Diary Showcases Open World PvP Areas


Trion just released a new video dev diary for it’s upcoming shooter-MMO/television tie-in game Defiance. The devs talk about bringing new elements to the shooter genre, and showcase some of the in-game vehicles and their abilities. But you don’t need me to tell you what’s in the vid, you can watch it for yourself below: […]

Trion/SyFy Defiance Commercial

April 2013 will bring us a potentially groundbreaking experience in gaming as Trion Worlds, developers of Rift and End of Nations, teams with the SyFy Network to bring fans an interactive show and game which are each affected by the other. Defiance will cross boundaries and bring players a new way to influence their gaming […]

Defiance Asks: What is a shooter MMO?


The Trion Worlds/SyFy collaboration game, Defiance, will be a shooter-MMO with ties to the television show by the same name. The show will effect the game, and the game will effect the show. But what exactly is a shooter-MMO? The Defiance devs put together a trailer to answer that question, and probably to show off […]