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The Secret World Issue #4 Preview Trailer


The Secret World‘s next update is just around the corner, and Issue #4 will be the largest influx of content yet. Titled ‘Big Trouble in the Big Apple’, Issue #4 is bringing the first raid to The Secret World as players take on dark beings in New York City, leading up to a huge showdown […]

Star Trek Online Season 1: Common Ground Now Live

Atari and Cryptic Studios announced yesterday that Star Trek Online’s latest content update, titled Season 1: Common Ground, is now live. The update brings several new things to the game including new lifetime subscriber perks such as access to a social area, the Captain’s Table, and special in-game titles. Other new updates include new ships, PvP features […]

Lord of the Rings Online Releases Volume III, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers

Turbine, the developers of Lord of the Rings Online, released today the next major content update to its game. Book 1: Oath of the Rangers is now live for all LotRO players. Introducing Volume III: Allies of the King – The epic story continues with Volume III which will introduce players to new lands, new […]

Age of Conan Introduces Update 6 – Return of Thoth-Amon

Funcom announced today that the 6th update for Age of Conan has hit the live servers. Titled Return of Thoth-Amon, this marks the 6th free update for the game. Among other things this update introduces the guild renown system and new content in the form of Thoth-Amon’s Stronghold. Update 6: ‘Return of Thoth Amon’ introduces […]

Star Trek Online Introduces the Borg Content Update

After less than two weeks since its launch, Star Trek Online is starting to release content updates for the game, with the Borg Hub being one of the first. Previously, the Borg were thought to be severely weakened by the actions the USS Voyager, as fans of the show will remember. But in 2409, the […]