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City of Heroes Saying Goodbye


It’s been a rough year for MMO development teams this year. With closures and layoffs occuring on what feels like a weekly basis, the industry has been in a great deal of turmoil in 2012. City of Heroes is the latest MMO to close its doors as the super-hero based game announced last week that […]

Nature Affinity Power Set Available in City of Heroes


City of Heroes has released its newest power set, and the hippies are really gonna love this one. Wield the power of nature with the Nature Affinity power set: Control the forces of nature and call forth primal energies to aid your allies and hinder your foes. This nature-themed Support power features buffs, heals and […]

Statesman Will Die


It’s not every day when you hear that a popular MMO-based character will get killed off, but that is exactly what NCSoft is doing in 2012. According to this teaser, Statesman, the protector of Paragon City, will meet his match in battle and will pass onto whatever great beyond a comic hero goes to. Statesman, […]

Interview with City of Heroes: Going Rogue Composer Jason Graves


Staff writer Kevin Stoner got the opportunity to talk to composer Jason Graves, the man behind the music for NCSoft’s City of Heroes: Going Rogue. The MMO Gamer: Thank you for taking some time to talk with us. Many of our readers want to know more about your background. When did you discover you had […]

City of Heroes Senior Designer Joe Morrissey on the Conception and Philosophy Behind the Architect System

Steve sits down with Joe Morrissey, a Senior Designer at Paragon Studios to discuss the inspiration behind, and current implementation of the Architect user-generated content system in City of Heroes. Topics include preventing exploiters, how high-quality material can stand out from the crowd, and even whether the system allows a player to create art through […]

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