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World of Warcraft: How Much for That Pandaren Monk In The Window?

In an unexpected move, Blizzard just announced the addition of a new Pet Store, where players can buy in-game pets for World of Warcraft using real world dollars.  Players will be able to make their purchases outside the game through the new Pet Store website for $10.00 per pet, bringing WoW even further into the […]

Need A Gift For Your Favorite Warcraft Gamer? Try The New Print Warcraft Service

Hot on the heels of such services as WoW’s FigurePrints comes a new service officially sanctioned by Blizzard that allows you to make custom poster prints of your World of Warcraft Characters. Print Warcraft allows you to create your own completely cusomized poster your personal character. You can chose from predeveloped templates for your poster […]

A Look At How Azeroth Is Changed By Cataclysm

With the World of Warcraft’s expansion Cataclysm coming up, the people over at have put together a comparision showing how Azeroth will change due to the events of the expansion. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is the next expansion for World of Warcraft. A cataclysmic event caused by Deathwing and Azshara will change the face […]

Live From BlizzCon [Photos|Updated During BlizzCon]

Coming to you live from the press room on the third floor of the Anaheim Convention center eating airline food for lunch: It’s The MMO Gamer’s coverage of BlizzCon 2009.

The MMO Gamer Tweets From BlizzCon!

The MMO Gamer will be attending BlizzCon again this year, represented by Steven Crews! He is already on his way and will be tweeting from the event so be sure to follow us on Twitter to follow Steve’s grand BlizzCon adventure! This is just a taste of what is to come: TheMMOGamer: Heading out to […]