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City of Steam Closed Beta Dates

City of Steam

City of Steam is ramping up towards its closed beta, and November 16th will see the first round of testing begin. Beta test will be divided into 4 “seasons”, and will introduce loads of new features to the game. Devs have said that character wipes will be held to a minimum whenever possible between seasons. […]

Rift: Storm Legion Open Beta Event This Weekend

Rift Storm Legion Logo

You’ve heard about Dimensions, you’ve seen the new soul reveals, now’s your chance to get hands on with RIFT: Storm Legion in an open beta weekend that begins Friday November 2nd, and runs all the way through Wednesday November 7th. “The first two closed beta stress tests were big successes, and we appreciate all the […]

Guild Wars 2 Stress Test (8/23)

GW2 Logo

We’re getting another stress test this afternoon for Guild Wars 2. This one will take place at 1pm PDT (4pm EST) and is scheduled to last one hour. Get those clients fired up and patched! You can check out the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page for the details.

Guild Wars 2 Stress Test Today (8/21)

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ArenaNet is furthering its preparations for this week’s early access and next week’s official launch of Guild Wars 2, and they have announced that there will be yet another four hour stress test today, August 21, beginning at 3pm EST and running through 7pm EST. Players who have pre-purchased Guild Wars 2 will once again be able […]

Wildstar Online Player Housing Initiative


Wildstar Online released a very entertaining video last week showcasing player housing in their game. You too can own your very own rocket propelled floating island. Check out the video: