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Trion Brings End of Nations In-House after Petroglyph Layoffs


Trion Worlds has taken over and moved the development of the upcoming RTS End of Nations to its San Francisco studio after former partner Petroglyph announced it had to layoff 30 people, and we can pretty safely assume that the End of Nations dev team were part of that sad news. “We are committed to […]

More SWTOR F2P Changes Made


Star Wars: The Old Republic brought more changes to its free-to-play model yesterday thanks to player feedback, and there are still more tweaks slated for the future. With yesterday’s patch, Preferred Status players will now be given 4 Quickbars by default, up from the 2 previously allowed those who are former subscribers, or have spent […]

League of Legends Preseason Patch Notes and Patch Overview Video


The Season 3 Preseason Patch for League of Legends is going live today.  With lots of changes, tweaks, and new items coming to the game this is a very extensive patch, and there are loads of patch notes, which you can check out below.  (Note: It doesn’t look like Nami is coming in this patch.) […]

League of Legends Summoner Name Sale and Cleanup in December


Riot recently announced that when the League of Legends Patch 1.73 drops sometime in mid-December (the 11th at the earliest), they’ll also be clearing out summoner names on low-level accounts that have not been played since January 1st, 2012. Any account below level 6 that hasn’t been played this year will have the summoner name […]

Darkfall Unholy Wars Release Pushed Back


The November 20th release date for Darkfall Unholy Wars has been pushed back to December 12th. A combination of external factors, last minute issues, and testing feedback have come together to force this change in schedule. Plans are still in place to take the current Darkfall game offline on November 15th. From the Darkfall Blog: […]