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SpriteBox Studios Executive Producer David Webber: We’re not Trying to Reinvent the Wheel, We’re Trying to Take Away the Extra Spokes

For the third year running, Steve sits down with David Webber, Executive Producer at SpriteBox Studios, to discuss the company’s bold new ideas for the coming year in online gaming. Read on for the transcript.

Talking Facebook MMO with Dungeon Overlord’s Chris Mayer


Ryan had a quick chat with Night Owl Games’ CEO Chris Mayer about Dungeon Overlord, a Facebook MMO which is currently in open beta. First off, tell us a little bit about Night Owl Games and its history with Dungeon Overlord. Night Owl Games was founded in 2008 with the goal of developing and publishing […]

Executive Producer David Webber talks AdverQuests: Are MMOs Coming Soon to a Banner Ad Near You?


Steve sits down again with David Webber, Executive Producer at SpriteBox Studios. David is all too eager to give us a status update on company’s debut title, Sword of the Ultimate Destiny: Battle of the Three Kingdoms 9, and discuss what new projects they have in the pipeline.   Read on for the transcript.

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Interview with City of Heroes: Going Rogue Composer Jason Graves


Staff writer Kevin Stoner got the opportunity to talk to composer Jason Graves, the man behind the music for NCSoft’s City of Heroes: Going Rogue. The MMO Gamer: Thank you for taking some time to talk with us. Many of our readers want to know more about your background. When did you discover you had […]

A Conversation with DCUO Game Director Chris Cao


Steve has a seat with Chris Cao to discuss some of the particulars of SOE’s upcoming action-superhero MMO, DC Universe Online, currently scheduled for a November release date. Topics covered include the decision to make the game cross-platform, working with license-holder DC Comics, and departing from the standard MMO control scheme of “press 1 for […]

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