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Star Wars: The Old Republic – A New Hope For MMOs?


Steve had the chance at E3 to sit down with James Ohlen and Daniel Erickson, the Lead Designer and Lead Writer of Star Wars: The Old Republic. In an extensive half-hour long interview the three discussed how BioWare’s traditional role as a storytelling company is making the transition to the MMO world, and their attempts […]

EVE’s Council of Stellar Management: Bringing Democracy to an MMO Near You

Steve sits down with Petur Oskarsson, Valerie Massey, and Ned Coker from CCP Games to discuss EVE’s Council of Stellar Management, a democratically elected group of players who serve as advisers to the development team. Now in its second year, the interview covers a few of the changes that have been brought about as a […]

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From GemStone to HeroEngine: Simutronics CEO David Whatley on Putting the MUD back into MMOs

Simutronics founder and CEO David Whatley sits down with Steve to discuss the finer points of HeroEngine, as well as some updates on the status of their upcoming original MMO, Hero’s Journey.

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Petroglyph Studios CEO Chuck Kroegel on Their Upcoming Action-Strategy MMO, Mytheon

Steve sits down with Petroglyph Studios CEO Chuck Kroegel to discuss the company’s history and plans for their upcoming free-to-play strategy MMO, Mytheon.

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Real Money, Fake Property: Live Gamer’s Andy Schneider on Bringing Item Sales in from the Cold

For the uninitiated, “RMT” stands for “Real Money Trading,” the act of spending your hard-earned real-life cash on a virtual sword or a purse full of silver coins for your equally virtual character in an online game. To read a very interesting discussion on the topic, hit the jump for Steve’s interview with Live Gamer’s […]

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