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Steve Bikes (Really!) for Charity – Help Support His Cause!


Our very own Steven Crews has signed up for Tour of Long Beach, a charity bike tour. His charity of choice is the Jonathan Jaques Children’s Cancer Center. Help spread the word and donate to this cause. A few words from Steve himself: That’s right. I will be on a bicycle. In traffic. On Cinco […]

An Hour in World of Warcraft’s Pandaren Zone


Brian Crescente over at Kotaku got his lucky hands on a demo of the Pandaren race while at Blizzcon. It seems to be largely unfinished – the Pandaren had no female character model or any dance emotes – which are admittedly not a game breaker but it certainly takes away from the experience slightly. I’ve often said […]

World of Tanks Giveaway – Get your M3 Stuart Tank Here!

World of Tanks Giveaway

The MMO Gamer and, the developers of WWII tank MMO World of Tanks are happy to announce our latest giveaway! The giveaway is open to all new players and the package contains: 1 M3 Stuart Premium Tank 1 day premium access 300 gold Here is the official description of the tank: The first US […]

Back From the Dead: Heatwave Interactive’s Anthony Castoro on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising


The MMO Gamer’s Kumar Daryanani has a seat with Anthony “SunSword” Castoro to discuss Heatwave Interactive’s plans for their recently-revived Greco-Roman MMORPG, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Topics include the decision to bring Gods & Heroes back from the dead, differentiating yourself from a crowded online gaming market, and why the game may turn out […]

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Live From BlizzCon [Photos|Updated During BlizzCon]

Coming to you live from the press room on the third floor of the Anaheim Convention center eating airline food for lunch: It’s The MMO Gamer’s coverage of BlizzCon 2009.