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Cataclysm Log – The Move to Worgen 11:50am: I am sitting in Stormwind.  Stormwind is a raging clusterfuck. I no more than step onto those scuffed cobblestones that I call my home and I am ganked by 80s. GANKED I say! Like the miserable under-leveled Pally that I am. In my own God damn land. I don’t […]

The Collector’s Debate

Late last night I got bundled up in my warmest clothes, kicked my Nissan Pathfinder until it started moving, and braved extensive imaginary lines, all in the name of picking up World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion…strategy guide. Anyone else that already had the expansion pack downloaded and couldn’t get their car started would have given […]

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor… Broken Arm?

A nice, relaxing bike ride. Just the thing to help me unwind after the travails of E3. What better way to celebrate my beating the odds by not coming down with some virulent form of convention-plague, contracted after shaking the hand of some guy working on Who Knows What from God Knows Where who forgot […]

Back in Action

After a long dry spell, today’s extremely tongue-in-cheek April Fool’s Day interview should mark my return to slightly more serious games journalism in the future. Aside from the podcast, I’ve been far too quiet around these parts, lately. I apologize to any of my legions of fans who have been bitterly missing my reportage.

The Altoholic: A Matter Of Class

Brad Nelson is our latest contributor. This is his debut editorial for The MMO Gamer. Have a read and join the discussion! Anyone who has ever played an MMO knows that the decision to play one class or another can be a big one. Do I want to DPS? What about this armor set? Should […]