Impression: Outer Empires, the iPhone and Browser MMO

Mobin has taken a look at the iPhone/Browser MMO Outer Empires. The game as a sandbox setup and allows players to choose the direction of their gameplay. Hit jump to find out how Mobin experienced the game.

Interview with Sci-fi MMORPG Divergence Online Project Manager Ethan Casner

Mobin talked to Ethan Casner, the project manager of indie sci-fi MMORPG Divergence Online. The game is being labelled as a hardcore third person shooter MMOG and aim to take a different route in many aspects compared to other games. Read more after the jump.

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Pangya Interview with Ntreev’s Sang Kwon

Mobin Koohestani talked to Ntreev’s Sang Kwon about their Free to Play golf MMOG, Panya. The MMO Gamer recently had a contest for the game and after the jump you can read what the developers have in plan for the future of the game.

Silkroad Online: Interview with Community Manager Rob Alvarez

Mobin Koohestani, the latest member of The MMO Gamer’s writing team, debuts today with an interview with Joymax Community Manager Rob Alvarez. The interview focuses on the company’s most successful game, Silkroad Online.