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Interview with Dragonica Europe’s Max Stolberg

In our most recent interview Jeffery talked to Max Stolberg, Dragonica’s European producer. Hit the jump to learn more about this sidescrolling MMORPG.

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Celetania: Now Available!

I did an interview two weeks ago with Andreas Katzig a developer for Celetania, and was truly excited for this game to come out. Good news the wait is over. Everyone can now download the game and play for free for 14 Day. But check out the press release for yourself. Celetania: The Run For […]

Sho Online: Valentine’s Day Event

Is nobody sending you chocolates this Valentine’s day? Well take heart, Sho Online has you covered. Sho Online is a F2P MMO game based on one of the four Chinese tales called “Fengshen yanyi”. Let’s just say if Aphrodite in Greek history could be described as a super model, Dal-Gi of China would be the Paris Hilton […]

Wonderland Online: Valentine’s Contest

If you like signatures, games, and Valentine’s day. The news I just received from Wonderland Online should get your creative senses tingling. Wonderland Online has found a way to bring all three of them together in one tight, cute, and adorable package. Check out some of the fan created art below. Wonderland Online: Valentine’s Signature Show Valentine’s Day is so close […]

Hello Kitty Online: Valentine’s Stress Test

I am not sure if it an inside joke at Sanrio digital or not, but Hello Kitty Online is having its community stress test starting on Valentine’s and running 3 days. Hopefully the stress is not too much, many young girl’s hearts would be broken. But don’t worry I am sure everything will be fine, […]