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Back From the Dead: Heatwave Interactive’s Anthony Castoro on Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising


The MMO Gamer’s Kumar Daryanani has a seat with Anthony “SunSword” Castoro to discuss Heatwave Interactive’s plans for their recently-revived Greco-Roman MMORPG, Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Topics include the decision to bring Gods & Heroes back from the dead, differentiating yourself from a crowded online gaming market, and why the game may turn out […]

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Beta Impressions: Mythos

Flagship Studios’ second project after Hellgate: London is Mythos, a three-quarter view action-RPG much akin to the original hack-and-slasher Diablo. I recently had the chance to spend a few weeks with the game, and came away with somewhat mixed feelings.

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Austin GDC: Interview with BigWorld Tech’s Gavin Longhurst

Guest contributor Kumar Daryanani, who covered Austin GDC for us, met with BigWorld Technology’s VP of Business Development Gavin Longhurst for an interview. BigWorld Technology is a middleware provider currently delivering technology to a multitude of MMOG projects.

Austin GDC: Interview with Kwari Marketing Director Al King

On the second day of the Austin GDC, Kumar caught up to Al King, Marketing Director for Kwari, an online shooter allowing players to make money from their FPS skills which is currently being developed in the UK using BigWorld’s MMO engine. He was kind enough to grant us some of his time to talk about the game.

Austin GDC: Interview with Football Superstars Creative Director Steve Marshall

Kumar, back from Austin GDC and still working on writing down his impressions and encounters, met with Creative Director Steve Marshall of Football Superstars and CyberSports. The company is developing the football MMOG together with Monumental Games, the studio we visited earlier this year.