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It All Rides on This: Funcom’s First Monthly Story Update for The Secret World


Might be a bad sign that when I logged in to try the patch in Transylvania, there was nobody on global chat.  At all. Let me preface anything I say by stating I have a nearly Stockholm Syndrome-esque fanboyism for Funcom.  I’m the fan that loves them and wants great things out of them because […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-to-Play this Fall


You knew it was coming… BioWare™, a Label of Electronic Arts (EA), announced today that it will be expanding the story-driven, massively multiplayer online game Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ by adding a new Free-to-Play option this fall. This option will give players access to each of the eight iconic Star Wars character class storylines, […]

Flash!: Improving The Secret World’s GUI


“You look taller on security camera footage. But that’s not really an issue as long as you can hold a martini, smile, and think of England at the same time” The perfect game would have no user interface at all.  You’d be able to tell everything you needed to know about the situation you’re in […]

Funcom at Their Best: High Times in The Secret World

TheSecretWorldDX11 2012-07-25 09-58-31-11

“Your kind is always looking for villains. So much better to have something, someone to fight than to face the reality of it: That what you’re fighting isn’t physical.  Isn’t even metaphysical.  It’s an idea made real.  You can’t shoot fireballs at an idea.” You know, at one point I thought I’d write these pieces […]

Group Hugs for Cthulhu: Dungeoneering in The Secret World

TheSecretWorldDX11 2012-07-11 15-41-35-72

“Paint your glass houses shut!  This is a warning from the Sun!  It says it’s old, and tired, and scared of death!” This is the third part of multi-part series covering the launch of The Secret World from a veteran MMO player’s perspective. You may also like to read: Tentacles at Ground Zero: A Blind […]