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Review: Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

And on top of that, a lot of the classes branch out even further through specializations, such as the Cleric, or Shaman.  Overall, mechanics between all the classes are similar, but different enough to make playing each an almost new experience. Monks have 3 fighting styles to chose from, Bards have a unique song creation function that allows you to mix and match melodies to create entire songs that have a mix of uses.

Animations are a little different.  Most of the animations I feel are adequate, especially your skill animations.  General running and attacking animations are stiff, as well as some of the monster animation.  Honestly though, will all the varied locales to gawk at, a lot of time I don’t notice them. Not being a huge sound fan as far as MMOs, sound is general for just about all MMORPGs.  The music I feel is great a times and bland at others, but the only thing that really stood out to me was the voice acting that some NPCs have.  Some of it feels fitting for the game period, others are just down right horrible.  I will never forget busting out in laughter after walking up to a cat lady vendor after leaving the Isle of Dawn, to sell some of my bring overs.

Vanguard today is lightyears ahead of were it was when it was released.  When you log into Vanguard today, you can tell that the team working on the title really puts their hearts into it.  That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, or they have even managed to squash all the original bugs, but they certainly try.  I ran into problems running the game in windowed mode, where hitting my keys to chat wouldn’t work, and instead bring up the options of features that they open when not in the chat box.  I had issues with characters falling through the world, dropped or missing textures, and the occasional “chunking” problem, where the game has trouble loading new assests when you pass a chunk line (Vanguard’s equivalent of seamless zones).

While some of those bugs definitely didn’t ruin the experience for me, they were there, and I wanted to make sure everyone understands that even to this day, Vanguard isn’t perfect.  But I will say that if you are looking to revisit the world of Telon, you honestly will be surprised at what you find.  And if you haven’t had the chance to play it, then check out the Trial of the Isle for free.  While it isn’t entirely indicative of what you will find in the game as a whole, it does give you an idea as to how the mechanics work for all three spheres.

Overall, Vanguard is significantly improved over release, and defintely a beatiful game.  I might say the biggest downfall of the title is community.  While the people already there are head strong Vanguard fans, it still doesn’t seem to be bringing in a lot of new subs, and the world does seem strangley empty at times.  And in a title where you can pretty much freely roam wherever you would like, it definitely is noticeable. Barring that, Vanguard has turned into a pretty solid title with some incredible visuals, and fairly enjoyable content.

Score: 3 out of 5.

This review was written through the availability of an account provided by Sony Online Entertainment for the sole purpose of reviewing Vanguard.

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