Impression: Outer Empires, the iPhone and Browser MMO

Outer EmpiresMobin has taken a look at the iPhone/Browser MMO Outer Empires. The game as a sandbox setup and allows players to choose the direction of their gameplay. Hit jump to find out how Mobin experienced the game.

MMOs have come a very long way to say the least. We have seen so much variety and expansion from the industry; it is becoming hard to keep up with. It seems that MMOs in general love to pop up in the most unexpected of places. So what do you get when you combine some of the most popular and well-known tech devices in the world, and a Sci-Fi based MMO? Iron Will Studio’s Outer Empires.

Outer Empires - iPhone InterfaceOuter Empires is a unique MMO that resides in one of the most unpredictable areas of the universe, space. However, this is not your typical MMO that you play at 2AM while trying to finish your research paper. What sets this MMO apart from many others is that not only is it available on many current web browsers, but also on iPhone and iPod Touch devices from Apple. So if you somehow manage to obliterate your motherboard, not a problem! You’re still able to enjoy a well thought out MMO at the touch of your fingertips, literally.

Now that I have pretty much bragged enough about how convenient it is to have such accessibility to an MMO, it’s time to move on to the game itself. In Outer Empires, players are able to freely choose how they approach the universe right on the go. You have a variety of ways to go about things, but probably the most direct approach to the game is the player’s ships.

Outer Empires - iPhone MMOPlayers are able to buy, sell, build, or even modify their own ships. It adds the uniqueness factor by having every player in control of how they foresee their ships. I think Outer Empires really has made it to the point where players are not as tiresome as they typically would be. They are not compelled to choose a certain component; rather they are open to customization and free thought.

Every player is able to join or be in control of a faction (which most people can just look as a guild). This provides an in-game private chat system, forums, and universal bank system, all of which is exclusive to the faction. Besides being convenient, it leads to further growth and development within your own community. Players don’t feel alienated from their members, and are given strong communication with all who are associated.

Outer Empires - Heavy CruiserEvery player in the game is able to transport various goods throughout the universe. There are also a variety of set tasks that players are recommended to perform to really get them started in the game. They pretty much give you a nice boost in the game by getting you started at a steady pace. Once players reach a comfortable level, they are able to then create their own in-game colony. With these colonies, players are able to perform a host of things, such as manufacturing, research, and even mining.

Outer Empires truly brings something new to the platform of MMOs. It is definitely refreshing to be able to try out something unique and well thought out. The fact of being able to be explore the universe, join friends, create colonies, and modify galactic ships is a good enough reason to give this game a go.

Outer Empires is currently available on the iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as a host of internet browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer).


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