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MMO Gamer Goes Hands-on with World of Tanks


How do you take one of the most popular free-to-play games out there and make it better? Just ask World of Tanks. Earlier this year the massively popular MMORTS completely revamped its game with new graphics, new physics, and more tanks! They somehow completely revamped an entire game, creating a newer, more realistic version, with much more shiny, and yet managed to keep the overall feel of World of Tanks gameplay in tact. I was recently able to spend some time in World of Tanks, and I think they may have picked up a new full-time player.

This isn’t my first time around with World of Tanks, but I’m still a pretty terrible noob.  It doesn’t take a hardcore veteran however to appreciate a lot of the upgrades that have been introduced to the game. What began its life as a fun game experience with pretty utilitarian graphical beauty, World of Tanks has now fully bloomed into an all-around gorgeous game with brilliant lighting, beautiful water effects, and stunning views of distant terrain.  It’s pretty easy to become distracted by the lush terrain or gorgeous cloud formations in the sky, only to find yourself on the receiving end of an enemy barrage that managed to sneak up on you driving a friggin’ tank.  I have several screenshots of my tanks smoldering in ruins after such an occurrence, but instead I’ll show you the pretty ones.

The 8.0 update also introduced upgraded sounds to the game, and the sounds of tanks firing at each other can be pretty intimidating. There are also unique sounds for turning, as well as sounds for different types of terrain you are driving over. The unique sounds are one of those features you don’t always consciously notice, but do a great deal of the heavy-lifting when it comes to creating a great gaming experience.

The biggest change in the game seems to come from the new physics system. The developers spent a lot of time tweaking and adjusting the way tanks move and handle, and that hard work really shows through during gameplay. Heavy tanks feel slow and bulky, lighter tanks feel a little quicker and more maneuverable  but overall they all feel like tanks. You could say that’s a pretty important feature in a game about tanks. But seriously, it is nice that at the end of the day each and every vehicle handles as I can only imagine a tank should, and not like some fine-tuned imported sports car. I came to shoot mounted turret cannons at heavily armored foes across battlefields in World of Tanks, not turn on a dime at 110mph in World of Ferrari.

The new physics system has also opened up some new strategies for players, as tanks can now be maneuvered through water, and over precarious hills and slopes. You can’t just submarine your way to the enemy base or your crew will drown, but you can now carefully traverse tricky terrain in order to gain a strategic advantage over your opponents. With this new ability to utilize more terrain, the devs have tweaked the maps to better utilize the new physics system, as well as make them simply more attractive.

Update 8.0 was a humongous overhaul to World of Tanks, and Update 8.1 has already tweaked and improved several of those upgrades even further. With 8.2 already on test servers World of Tanks is only going to get better and better as time passes. If you haven’t checked out World of Tanks yet, there is no better time than now. The game is gorgeous, the systems are wonderfully realistic, and the gameplay is as good as anything out there. Plus it’s free, and you can’t beat that!

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