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Alganon Interview with David Allen

The MMO Gamer: Rather than dance around the issue, since it will most certainly be commented on by players, I wanted to ask a few things about the similarities between Alganon and World of Warcraft. I don’t mean anything disparaging when I say that, since nearly every game that has come out in the last six years has resembled World of Warcraft in at least several non trivial ways, and any game maker would be insane to not take at least a few hints from the current leader of the pack. That said, many people are not looking for “Just another WoW clone”, and I was wondering what your plans are, and what you are doing to ensure that current and prospective players are aware that this is more than the above clone. Are there any specific audiences you are aiming for that will find your game more attractive to them, or are there any other plans to differentiate your game from World of Warcraft in a different way?

David Allen: Well one big problem is the industry has been flooded with low quality F2P games all trying to ‘take a bite of the WoW pie.’ Most of these games have only one purpose – to make money. The F2P model is popular because it allows lower quality games to make more money. In reality, since WoW, very few quality fantasy-based MMOGs have been released, and those games went out of their way to try and be different from WoW. It’s not uncommon for players who pick up these games find that the features designed to make the game “different,” actually make the game less fun. The designers of these games made a decision to sacrifice “fun” for “different.”

Players aren’t upset there’s a game that resembles WoW. They’re upset that for the past few years they’ve been bombarded and desensitized by a combination of “weak” games and advertising that sells them on the idea that “similar is bad.” When people say a movie that reminds them of their favorite film, but with a different plot, characters and setting, that means they enjoyed the movie. When you have a meal that reminds you of the home cooking you loved as a kid, that is a great thing. However, for the past few years, every MMOG released has spent millions of dollars trying to convince gamers that “fun doesn’t matter; different is what you want,” and for many gamers, this marketing worked.

Being compared to the most successful MMOG of all time is not a bad thing. Players don’t want a WoW clone; they do, however, want a game they have just as much fun playing. They want a vibrant immersive world they want to be a part of. They want a control scheme that feels natural to them. They want a game that is fun to play. Alganon provides all of those things. Unfortunately, doing so makes it easy for players who have had their views shaped by the “similar is bad” marketing of other games to focus on these similar aspects.

Our biggest fans are the players who take the time to view Alganon as its own product, but you have to play the game to do that. Most of the naysayers never played the game; they base their negative comments on assumptions they’ve made from playing other games, or reading forums, or looking at screenshots. They compare these surface elements and make a list of things they find similar. Even when they do enter the game, they do so with the goal of finding similarities. They don’t bother to ask the most important question of all, “is it fun?”

What it comes down to is this: Alganon is a good solid game people can play and enjoy. If you look for similarities, you will find them. Many of the things that are fun in Alganon are also fun in other games. While this turns some people off, those who take the time to look at Alganon as its own product see that this is only part of what makes Alganon great. The players who look beyond the surface quickly end up becoming our biggest fans.

The MMO Gamer: Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to answer a few questions for us.

David Allen: You’re welcome – thanks for the interview!

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  6. Besides the illogical organization of questions, what's with the weird, frightened tone of voice on the questions? Was Allen holding a gun? Or your nuts in a vice?

    Don't apologize before asking; just ask the questions in a clear voice and be professional. That works very well, even when interviewing devs of games far bigger than this one.

  7. This is the interviewer's polite way of saying "This seems like World of Warcraft, circa 2002." A lot of the questions are politely phrased but pointed – for instance, the surface appearance may show shades of WoW, but there is no over-arching story to speak of and the world feels dead and uneventful upon entering it (it's in open beta now). This is WoW without the deep backstory and lore. If you're bothered by lore and storylines, this is your game.

  8. Whitewash.

    "Why does your game look EXACTLY like WoW?"
    Because we wanted everyone to be familiar with it?

    "Then why does it have UI elements copied from the UI in WoW, that aren't features in your game? (like the keyring, the icon is there, but it doesn't function for anything)."
    Oh because we plan to implement it.

    "Is there anything you can say beyond corporate lingo and twisted statements that amount to nothing?"
    Just play it! Trust me!


  9. These guys (David Allen and his devteam/Alganon supporters) are nothing more than a bunch of pissed off developers/gamers that want to recoup some of their losses from having played wow by making a game of their own so similar to wow in order to mock Blizzard, and at the same time screw unsuspecting customers out of prepaid subscriptions on an unplayable game due to all the bugs! They're closing the doors on their own beta testers in two days to go paid launch "release" despite beta testers cautions and advise.

    It also has come to the public's attention that reportedly the lead dev and CEO has attempted to phish phone numbers out of prospective customers on his own forums under the pretense of customer service. Be advised this is not a joke this is one to stay away from parents be advised I repeat be advised.

  10. I played the game in beta and it was interesting but never bought the package deal they offered before Live ( thank god ).. I did buy it 2 weeks ago " after they reduced the price " and I have not been able to log into the game . Some people can play but alot of people cant because they get disconnected before login or after character selection. The first day, there was a dev trying to help but after an hour I was on my own..The people playing the game get in forum and try to help but theres little they can do This game is in no shape be live now.. Buyer beware cause the chances you'll be able to log in is not so good.. sorry to say
    They know they have a serious problem but I wonder how serious they're dealing with it.. There has been 2 patches with failed fixes for the DCing which makes me think the wrong people are working on it.
    The community is small 1 player stated there was 30 players on one server and 37 on the other and I kind of believe it.. Makes me wonder how long they can last that way.. I had no choice but to cancel my subscription and delete the game.. Give this game time before buying cause theyll either fix their problems or fail trying..

  11. To be honest I don't mind if it is a copy of WoW, someone had to do it and slap Blizzard since Blizzard done it also and stole a lot of ideas from previous mmos. But at least to be a good copy, smooth as WoW is, this looks unpolished, from what I saw in the videos.

    I say anyone that can manage to copy WoW but change the lore characters and models should be a winner, and you can do it with anything, from Sci-Fi to Fantasy…

    allods looks WoWish also which is good:)


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