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An Hour in World of Warcraft’s Pandaren Zone


Brian Crescente over at Kotaku got his lucky hands on a demo of the Pandaren race while at Blizzcon. It seems to be largely unfinished – the Pandaren had no female character model or any dance emotes – which are admittedly not a game breaker but it certainly takes away from the experience slightly.

I’ve often said the journey of a thousand miles begins with character creation, and in the case of the Pandaren demo at BlizzCon that’s a very limited beginning. Since female pandas are currently just male pandas with labels over their heads that say “I’m a Girl”, the only real option I had was deciding my Monk’s name….the panda came to life in the Pandaren starting zone of The Wandering Isle, so named because it’s built on top of a gigantic turtle. The first thing I did was type ‘/dance’. Sadly, nothing happened.

One of the things that will be most startling is that there isn’t an auto-attack.

Where other melee World of Warcraft characters can simply click on an enemy to automatically begin attacking, the Monk can only initiate an attack by using a skill or ability. It feels odd at first, but later in the demo I began to get skills that helped shed light on the reasoning behind the choice. Around level four or five I earned a darkness-fueled kicking skill that replenished a point of dark power if I killed an enemy with it. That’s a task made much easier when you don’t have to worry about an auto attack futzing with your rhythm. I imagine Monk players will be extremely busy during combat as they get up in levels; at least the good ones will.

The quests feature a distinctly Asian flavored backdrop and includes zaney quests like chasing monkies, herding bunnies and generally rolling around like a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. With the Chi resource, Crescente writes that the first 10 levels feel similar to a rogue but once you hit level 10 you get to choose whether you’ll be a tank, healer or dps. Blizzard has stated that when you go into healing mode your Chi will turn into mana and vice versa. In addition to choosing your spec at 10, you’ll also be choosing whether you’re a Horde or Alliance.

Source: Kotaku

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