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Rift Update 1.8 Bringing New Raid and Craft Skills

rift 1.8

The Infernal Dawn is coming to Telara, and with it comes new adventures for players in Rift.  Update 1.8 will bring with it a brand new 20-man raid, and the introduction of the fishing and survival crafting skills, and the guild finder system.

Grab your fishing pole, lures, and other wilderness gear, then set out to experience life before the rifts and Blood Storm invaded. With a little luck and determination, you might even catch an artifact…or a brand-new companion pet!  All you have to do is grab a fishing pole from a local fishing trainer, head for some water, and catch your own dinner.

Players will also be able to utilize the guild finder system to find a group of friends to adventure with.


And, of course, there will be a new 20-man instance in which to test your skills and teamwork.  Two dragons have forged an unholy union, and it is up to you to enter the deadly volcano and save Telara from the destruction they will reap upon the world.  With seven new raid bosses, this new instance will be the most challenging raid to date.

Rift continues to crank out new content for its players at a blinding pace.  If  you want more information or to try the game for free head over to the official site.


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