Executive Producer David Webber talks AdverQuests: Are MMOs Coming Soon to a Banner Ad Near You? — The MMO Gamer

Executive Producer David Webber talks AdverQuests: Are MMOs Coming Soon to a Banner Ad Near You?


The MMO Gamer: So then are you going with a Flash or Unity-based MMO? Those seem to be growing in popularity lately, and they all say they’re focusing on the accessibility angle for similar reasons.

David Webber: Yes, yes, but those games are all missing the big picture.

What good is accessibility if someone still has to make a conscious decision to play, type in an address, create an account, roll a new character… it’s all just too much to deal with. People don’t have time for it any more. They’ve got to be at the gym in 30 minutes, or drop the kids off at soccer practice.

We had to come up with a delivery system that was invisible, instantaneous, and required no action whatsoever on the part of the end-user.

And then we had that light bulb moment, and we realized… what is it that people do all day on the internet?

The MMO Gamer: Look at pornography?

David Webber: Close. They’re browsing websites. Websites filled to the brim with Flash advertisements. And as you said earlier, it’s entirely possible to create an MMO that runs in Flash.

That’s when we came up with the concept of “AdverQuests.”

The MMO Gamer: …you designed an MMO that runs inside of a Flash ad?

David Webber: Not just runs inside of one, it is a Flash ad. Custom-tailored to fit the needs of each individual advertiser.

With our system, you don’t download or install anything, you don’t have to click accept, hell, you don’t even have to play, and in fact our early testing shows that most people don’t.

But that’s alright, because your character is initially on autopilot, until if or when you decide to take control.

The MMO Gamer: How could you possibly play an MMO in a Flash ad… and for that matter, why would anyone want to?

David Webber: How do you play an MMO anywhere? You kill things, and you complete quests, you level up, you kill more things. That’s the core of any RPG, not just an MMO, and we’ve got all that in abundance.

Take our AdverQuest for Crest toothpaste, for instance.

As soon as the game loads for the first time your character is randomly generated and placed into the world, alongside everyone else viewing the ad at that particular moment. We use cookies to ensure that your experience persists throughout multiple websites.

You play as a mighty Crest Crusader, on a mission from the American Dental Association to rid the world of Oral-Btopia from the scourge of tooth decay.

It’s just you, your friends, your rusty toothbrush, and the power of Crest Ultrawhite between victory and dentures.

The MMO Gamer: Well, that explains the how, I guess. But why would anyone be interested in playing as a “Crest Crusader in the world of Oral-Btopia?” I don’t think that’s the sort of fantasy most people are looking for in an RPG.

David Webber: That’s the beauty part. Since we’re working with real-world companies, we can offer players tangible, real-world results. You’re not farming some purple item for the benefit of your imaginary character here, you’re playing for you.

For example, completing a quest in-game might get you a 15% off coupon for Crest Pro-Health Clinical Gum Protection. You’re fighting cavities on-screen and in real life at the same time. Can World of Warcraft say that?

We’re also trying to work on some Groupon tie-ins, where multiple people joining up to take on raid content could get discounts of up to 80% off at participating retailers.

The MMO Gamer: You know what… I think I’m just going to go cry myself to sleep, now.

David Webber: You do that. Always a pleasure, Steve. See you again next year!

You may find more information about AdverQuests on SpriteBox’s official website.

And stay tuned to The MMO Gamer for more coverage in the days and weeks to come!

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  1. MechanicalCannibal says:

    You know, Steve's last article with David Webber was oddly prescient. I wonder if this is too. Three years ago I would have kind of threw a half hearted lol out there, but this is the year of Facebook Games and Smurfberries.

    Many flash ads are already little minigame sorts. Making them persistent seems inevitable.

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