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Celetania: Now Available!

I did an interview two weeks ago with Andreas Katzig a developer for Celetania, and was truly excited for this game to come out. Good news the wait is over. Everyone can now download the game and play for free for 14 Day. But check out the press release for yourself.

Celetania: The Run For Universe Domination Has Just Began!

The long awaited DVD retail version of 4X MMOG Celetania has been available in many German shops since Monday, 9th February. The DVD box contains 31 days of game time as well as a poster and an extremely useful hotkey table.

Starting now you will also be able to download the Celetania client without any fees from www.celetania.com! This download version comes with 14 days of free game time. Additionally to Windows XP and Vista, Celetania will also run natively on Linux!

The 4X in Celetania stands for „eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate“, and defines your main tasks, which you will be confronted with as a player. While improving your empire strategically and economically, you will also be involved in large space battles. The “persistent” word means that the world of Celetania never sleeps and is simulated continuously. Your empire will be able to take care of the tasks you have decided on even while you are not at your computer.

More information about the playable races, the complete background story as well as the monthly subscription fee can be found under www.celetania.com!

If you have visited us before, you should do so again because we have added the missing information about the buildings of the warlike S.E.C.C.T.S. To read more about these and see a short preview video of the buildings please click here: http://www.celetania.com/featurette_seccts_planetbuildings.php.

So if you are ready to jump into a world of Universe spanning power, I will see you there. Just try not to cry too much when I take your home world and make it my own. See you in Celetania, and keep a sharp eye out for my review!


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