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Interview with Developers of Space MMORTS Celetania

Celetania Interview @ The MMO GamerJeffery took the opportunity to speak with the developers of Celetania, a space-based MMORTS which features a persistent universe, something rare in the MMORTS genre. Hit jump to read the interview and view early beta screenshots of the game.

Celetania is a 4X MMORTS, eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. The game is a sci-fi themed space conquest title, in a persistent universe. You will be placed in control of a nation and alone, or if you’re smart, with allies. You will create an empire spanning the universe. But what is a persistent online universe; well I have those answers and more for you in this interview with one of the games developers.

The MMO Gamer: Could you begin by introducing yourself and telling us how you are involved in Celetania?

Andreas Katzig: Hi Jeffery, my name is Andreas Katzig from Vulcando Games and I’m one of the Celetania developers. Vulcando Games is located in Augsburg, Bavaria.

The MMO Gamer: What is Celetania, could you give us a brief summary of what the game is about?

Andreas Katzig: Celetania is a persistent 4X MMOG set in space. In Celetania you can be a ruler of huge galaxies. To achieve that and to enlarge your empire you’ll have to expand, explore, exploit and exterminate, because you’re starting off small. That’s why we call it 4X MMOG. Persistent means, that all the actions you take on in game will continue to happen, even if you are not online.

The MMO Gamer: Celetania is a Persistent online MMORTS game. How will Celetania build on and expand this genre?

Andreas Katzig: Celetania wants to put the great game experience of the great yet ancient 4X Games to a new level. We want players to share their experiences directly within the game. We have included a lot of in game communication like chats and in game forums to achieve that. To compete with other players in the galaxies, you can’t avoid to communicate and form alliances.

The MMO Gamer: Do you believe a RTS can be a MMO without a persistent online universe?

Andreas Katzig: Yes, why not. If games like Command and Conquer could technically take more players on their servers, they would be MMOs without a persistent world. But the game experience is so much more compelling if you know that all orders you gave to your entities are still carried out while you’re not in game.

The MMO Gamer: Is it possible to be killed off in Celetania?

Andreas Katzig: Almost possible. However even if you lose all your planets and entities, you don’t lose a place in the universe: You’ll always get a replacement planet to start over again and you will even keep great parts of your achievements like your already researched technologies.

The MMO Gamer: How many players can one server hold at one time?

Andreas Katzig: The servers of Celetania are fully scalable. There is no maximum limit. If the amount of players grows, we just add more CPUs to the cluster (which forms one single world per language).

The MMO Gamer: Is there a trading system in the game?

Andreas Katzig: Yes, since trading is one of the major tasks. You can trade everything you have, including resources, ship modules and artifacts. What you get for it is credits.

The MMO Gamer: How does the quest system differ from other MMO games?

Andreas Katzig: Quests take place in a separated area. They are extremely useful to earn credits, but also to learn all the different abilities of weapons, shields, drives and so on. You can join a quest alone or ask your ally to help. Rewards are shared with those involved.

The MMO Gamer: Is there a limit to how far a player can expand his empire?

Andreas Katzig: For game play reasons we actually have a limit of 20 solar systems maximum per player. Every Account in Celetania can hold 5 autonomous players. If 20 solar systems turns out to be too little, we’re open to adjust here.

The MMO Gamer: How does player travel work in Celetania?

Andreas Katzig: There are a few. You can use the warp drive of your space ships to quickly get from one solar system to another. If there ain’t a star road, you have to use the direct way which takes longer of course. Later in the game you will be able to manipulate star roads for your benefit, or even use technologies to jump instantly from one galaxy into another.

The MMO Gamer: Is there anything else you would like highlight about Celetania that we haven’t mentioned?

Andreas Katzig: We are already in closed beta with 200 players, and I must say we really enjoy playing ourselves and watching the empires grow. At the end of next week we’ll start the next wave and allow 200 more players to join our galaxies. For all who are interested: Sign up for the beta at
For all who don’t want to test: Celetania will be finally available on February 13th this year.

Jeffery and all The MMO Gamer readers, thanks a lot for your interest in Celetania!

We hope to see you soon in game.

Celetania sounds like an very intresting MMO, and could be a welcome departure from RPG based MMO games. I was able to get a few screen shots from the beta version of the game you can view them below, and if your intrested in finding out more about the game go to Celetania’s offical website.


  1. Celetania: Developer Interview

  2. This looks very good – but I am surprised at the choice of platforms. Windows is understandable, but why Linux and not Mac? Will a Mac version be available eventually?

  3. This is a pretty fun game, I’ve had the privilegde of being able to test it on my friends account. However, although his game is ranked high on my list of MMORTS, Shattered Galaxy is by far the best MMORTS game there is hands down. I have tried many MMORTS, and I still haven’t come across a game like it.
    Regardless, cheers to Celetania for making a really outstanding game!

  4. Thanks for the cheers! It’s not planned to support Mac OS is the near future, since supporting two completely different kinds of Linux/Unix makes development so much harder.

  5. This game looks great graphically. Its concept seems very similar to a well known browser-based strategy game called Hyperiums. If Celetania combines the deepness of Hyperiums with high quality graphics, it may be the perfect MMOG.


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