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GW2 Conspiracy

The Guild Wars 2 Conspiracy

This is an article I originally wrote last week for The Inner Geek Zone, but since it involves an MMO I thought some of you might enjoy it as well.   For nearly six years I have been married to a woman who has been as supportive of my gaming hobby and transition into a […]


A Rift Homecoming

Last week came the announcement that Rift will be getting an expansion later this year, and Storm Legion appears to be bringing a lot of new and exciting things to Trion’s flagship MMO. If you haven’t seen what’s in store yet, you can check out our article showcasing what we know so far, and if you’re […]


Kickstarter: When do we say no?

I opened my inbox yesterday to find a news tip about Pathfinder Online starting a Kickstarter campaign. There have been bits and pieces of information floating around about this game and where the developers hope to take it. A fantasy sandbox MMO is exactly what lots of players are looking for, so this seemed like […]


Would you play a story only MMO?

Story is often not the central element of MMOs.  Sure, there is usually some story there if you take the time to read it, but most of the time it is not important enough for us to worry about why it is we are running around doing the quests we have been tasked with completing. […]